BBC insults its Facebook fans

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Occasionally something crops up as a classic example of how not to build a social media network, and the BBC's decision to insult its Facebook fans is a good example. The idea was to put a dummy site up as a test run for the London Olympics - they're a couple of years away but you might as well find the glitches now.

Some online commentators have criticised them for captioning the photos wrongly. This is nonsense; any writer will confirm that when you're checking a layout you don't use proper text, in fact Latin is the most usual because nobody's going to be offended by it.

Unfortunately the BBC put English, telling people they could follow the Olympics on Twitter and - wait for it - "You can also be a saddo on Facebook", it says.

It's almost as good as the ageing copy of Your Sinclair magazine which went to press without anyone noticing that the journalists hadn't filled in all of the picture captions, leaving one saying "Type some sh*t in here" - except this one betrays contempt for the very people the site will aim to serve.

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In my haste I overlooked crediting The Media Blog for unearthing this little gem - it's at - many apologies, and thanks to them for drawing it to my attention.

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I thought the photo caption error was Amiga Format magazine? I remember the issue quite clearly, as I was writing for a couple of Amiga magazines at the time including another in the Future Publishing stable.

GuyClapperton 12 Staff Writer

You could well be right, it was a long time ago.

A gentleman wouldn't have mentioned it, mind you.

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