Hi everyone,

My name is David and im brand new to programming.

Ive just started my computer applications coarse in my collage this year, so yes by American terms im a freshman:P and a bit of a n00b if im to be totally honest with you.

Ive always had a massive passion for all things computer, from the hardware end(dont even ask what I did the day I got my first laptop!) to the more interesting software aspects.

Id suppose im a bit of a geek since I do love gaming, computer humor and all things tech related.

The one things I really know though is that I want to be a programmer through and through, I know this because when I write a program(even if its just a counter:P) and it compiles first time and works I get a massive buzz and its a feeling that I dont get from anything else:)

So thats about it for the minute I suppose, I could go on and tell you about my other interests and hobby's like sports and world domination but who wants to hear about that on a programming web site!

Any way Im really gald to be here and hope to be posting for a good long while to come:)

Sclar gavar

Welcome to Daniweb David.:)