I have read about how multicore processing works of the Intel. The manual that I read had left out a part that would of been useful how to actually use multiple cores. It just explained how all the different parts of the CPUs interact with each other, so could someone show me how to use them in assembly. If someone could give me some code in simplest form as possible (for me to understand), to help me that would be very helpful. The assembler I use is Nasm and I'm not to good at switching to protected mode so I use real mode for now, since I'm a beginner and assembly.

(Also I'm not looking for a lot maby just a simpe 2 core program, comments in the code would also be helpful :))

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Well, you if you have 2 processors/cores and use CreateThread the OS decides which to use? Or you can look into SetProcessAffinityMask and SetThreadAffinityMask Windows API to delegate what processor/core you want to use

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