My name is Judy Taylor and I'm currently a student majoring in computers multimedia.

I'm married with 3 children and 3 grandchildren.

My passion is photography and my interests are computers, photoshop, flash...anything creative and I love playing pool.

To be honest I am not feeling this computer language but it was on the ... you have to take it list. It isn't terrible but I still don't understand it all. My instructor doesn't really instruct...she shows us a powerpoint and says do it. Well that doesn't work for me...so I came here for some help.

Thanks to any of you out there willing to do that! I hope to learn.

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Welcome to Daniweb Judy.:)

You came to the right place for help. We will assist where possible and I'm sure with much more patience.:)

When not coding, enjoy the pool, I love it as well. Time is prohibiting me playing recently, but hope to give it some more time soon....


Hello Judy,

Welcome to Daniweb. Sorry to hear your instructor is not really strong when it comes to teaching programming language(s). However this website will be a great resource for you to seek and receive answers on a variety of programing topics.

I wish you the best of luck with your studies and Welcome to one of the greatest technology forums online.


hello Judy Taylor hope you fit and fine.
welcome to the great community.
hope you will be make new friends here.

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