not sure if this belongs here but i figured you guys and girls are as good to ask as any. i have recently changed my major to information technology (technical concentration) because i absolutely love troubleshooting other peoples computers. i spend hours upon hours trying to solve virus, internet connection, and other common problems that people have and i love every second of it. my only problem is that after taking my first semester of IT classes, all that we do is learn programing. a student could get straight As in all their IT classes and still not even know what spyware is. websites with tech support, google and myself have taught me everything that i know, not my university. i guess i want to know if there are other options for my career vs just programming. did i declare the wrong major? do i even need to finish college to make the sort of profession i mentioned above. i know there is money in this profession and i would really appreciate some suggestions

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Your IT classes sound more like my computer science classes. IT schools have programs that teach technical support/networking, which seems to be what you want. If all you're doing is programming, then you seem to be enrolled in a computer science program or a programming track of IT. What do I think you should do? Well, this topic has been beaten to death by many, including myself, so I'll refer you to some other threads where you'll see what others think:


If you have any other questions after going through all those posts, just feel free to ask. :)

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