Hello everybody,

I need advices about software development. I'm not an all-knowing-programmer so I have a few questions about it:

- My application's GUI is getting ready to be developed. I want it primarily to run on Windows, Linux/Unix and Mac also. But I also need it to be looking like on the design, which means it's not enough to place out a button under (let's say) Netbeans, it must look like on the design.

- I thought of Java first, but I also need it to be fast as a Graphical app, I mean it must have a fast graphical "rendering" engine. However, it won't be only a graphical app.

Thank you for the advice, and it would be really nice if you could provide a learning path also. =)

Best regards!

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You could write it with c++ and use QT, which is a cross-platform GUI compiler.

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I know lots o' folks think it's cheesie, but you could use Visual Basic too....

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Also, in VB, you could create a design using the forms provided

Actually, my task is to redesign those forms and to implement them into the software... =))

How 'bout Python? I've read somewhere that the language has a lots a graphical capabilities...

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