Hi Guys - I'm a newly joined member Living in the Uk. Started in computers way back in 1960, but rarely needed to go inside them until I retired.

I swapped computers from W98 to XP about 6 months ago and eventually gave my old m/c to a granddaughter after formatting and reinstalling W98SE. She's 9 and enjoyed using 'Paint' and other similar things. All went well fo a few weeks but after she had had some 'help' from a 12yr old whizz kid, the computer started playing up. I'm told that PAINT kept saying that it had insufficient memory and refusing to allow a closure. When told I assumed that it might well be that something had got corrupted or a virus had been introduced. SO.. when they went on holiday I collected the processor and expected to be able to reinstall W98.

BUT NO - The m/c no longer recognises its D:\ drive. It doesn't show in windows explorer or DOS or anywhere else. Obviously when I passed the m/c over all was OK 'cos I'd used the drive to reinstall W98 as well as to input some other games programs.

I've looked at the BIOS and can't find anything that looks as though it will let me redefine the CD Drive. I've substitued another CD-RW and tried that. I've examined all the cables and they all seem to be connected properly. The drive opens and shuts OK and the light works but nothing gets read on any disks that are there..The CD drive connects directly to the Hard Drive via the cable that originates on the motherboard.When I ask windows to search for any missing components it doesn't find any.

Since the m/c no longer has an internet connection I cannot acquire any drivers from the internet.

I'm thinking of getting some new connecting cables in case the old ones are u/s.

I'd be very grateful for any solution to the problem.


OOPS ! should have been in 'storage ' - Sorry

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Hi Rons,

Welcome to daniweb. You are the one coming with a problem, isn't it?

I hope it's the problem with your mother board hardware. Have you try the CD drive with your friend's system?


Hi Priya

Thank you for reading my query ("W98SE - I've lost my CD Drive")

I posted that at the end of September - didn't get any replies at the time - and eventually as I proceeded to dig deeper into the possibilities, other errors came up - constant beeping on booting up , strong smell of transformer etc. etc. SO ---I had to give up on it - stripped off all useful parts and consigned it to the rubbish dump.

I think that you are probably right - the motherboard initiated the problem.

Thanks for replying


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