Erm ay up fellows...

I recently installed a used hard drive and it seems to have this on it...

any help on getting rid of the fecker?

Go raibh maith agat agus adh mor ort! :confused:

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Versions of that puppy have been around for a couple of years now; if you install the most current updates for your anti-virus program, that should be able to clean it. If not, you can also try these free online anti-virus/anti=spyware scans:

If the a-v programs can't clean the infection for some reason, give us more details (the names of infected files, the names of the folders they live in, etc.).

Ay up! I think that's it sorted! Thanks a million!

I'm planning on wiping the new second hand hard disc anyway so hopefully that's the end of that.

One other thing. Is service pack 2 still dodgy? I get a popup in the start bar every time I boot up telling me about new updates. It always seemed to be SP2 so I've been ignoring them. IS IT SAFE? (as in dentistry scene in Marathon Man...)

Generally speaking SP2 is stable, and it does have its benefits. It's no minor upgrade though, and it has caused problems for some, so you should make sure your system is absolutely problem-free and backed up before making the migration.

you should make sure your system is absolutely problem-free and backed up before making the migration.

Ay up again! Erm...problem free eh? :rolleyes: I think I'll give it a miss... Can Microsoft do a test to see if I've got all the available security patches without just telling me to upgrade to SP2? Maybe this should be in a different forum I dunno...
Thanks for all the help anyway...

Go raibh maith agat agus adh mor ort. Slan!

When you go to the Windows Update site, it automatically checks your system status. If the site is only offering you the SP2 download, that should indicate that it has detected that your system is current with all of the SP1 updates.

Cheers, mate!

So long and thanks for all the fish...

Adh mor ort agus slan!

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