Hi everyone,

I have a client that has requested for me to make it so that their newsletters; created through the Constant Contact mailing service, will be automatically sent to and stored on the archive page section of their website. They would also like for these archives to be down-loadable for print. Has anyone had any experience with this? Is this difficult or impossible to accomplish? Is this a stupid question? lol Any feedback is appreciated. *fingers crossed*


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No, its not a stupid question, I just think it is in the wrong forum. Your responses will be much less than for instance under the web dev forums.:)

I have already requested the mods to have a look and maybe move it to where you will get more exposure/answers.

I move it here from web services since it had nothing to do with it, based on scarce information provided. Till the time OP provide more info there is no point moving around again.

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