I can save your time by doing your routine work of google adwords effectively.

I m certified Google adwords professional (passed with 86.5%, awaiting certification). From my Google client center, I can manage your Goggle campaign as one of your regular man-power.

Google Adwords Campaign
1. Services of Qualified Google Adwords Professional
2. Setting up new campaigns
3. Finding/mining keywords
4. Creating text ads
5. Establishing cpc
6. Managing - monitoring campaign (of each client) on daily basis
7. Evaluating performing/non-performing keywords
8. Adding more keywords
9. Deleting non-performing keywords etc

I m having 8+ years of internet experience, with rich exposure in various internet activities, which can be used in the best interest of your company.

I m seeking a virtual job which I can do through instant messengers and emails. I will be available online to you during your regular working time - 8 hours a day x 5 days a week = 40 hours a week, like a regular, dedicated employee.

About myself
I am highly motivated, net savvy, honest, reliable, trustworthy, intelligent, and hardworking person from India. I have previous experience of working as virtual employee for US company for past 2+ years in their day time through IM and email.

Work terms
I prefer to work through net using emails and messengers.
In your office time. I m available for 8 hours a dayx5 days a week=40 hours a week for 400 bucks per week only.
If u wish to hire me on project basis, then it is for 50 bucks per week. (first week, it is 250 bucks).

Either upfront OR at end of every week (through escrow)

Plz advise about your interest.



Hi guys, I'm also a qualified AdWords professional. Introducing myself... big forum participater elsewhere, looking forward to talking with you guys.

Brian Carter, MS

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