Just a bit about myself, I guess.
Having grown up in South Africa in the bad old days, Im now live in Wellington, New Zealand.
The stats:
1 wife
2 kids
1 car
1 house
0 mortgage
1 life
The background:
I came to programming from a mechanical engineering background about 16 years ago with something akin to Modula2, then spent about 8 years with VB6/VBA with a bit of PERL, approximately 2 years of C++ with a bit of very simple Delphi maintenance. I avoid web programming like the plague and keep promising myself that I'll completely ditch Windows for Linux tomorrow (Vista and Windows 7 have helped enormously to strengthen my resolve).
The fun:
PC role-playing games - top picks are Baldur's Gate II (I still love it), Neverwinter Nights I & II, and The Witcher. Some day I'll write that novel but in the meanwhile I read, watch movies and play this awsome card game I found called Dominion.
Best quote:
If vegetables smelled like bacon we'd all live to be 110.

Hey there. Welcome to DaniWeb!!! But why avoid web programming? It's fun! :)

I have to agree with cscgal and welcome to the forums