Recently I finished a C++ course(used this book http://www.amazon.com/Starting-Out-Early-Objects-6th/dp/0321512383 ;whether its a decent book or not I have no clue). However it was just a one semester thing and well I found my teachers rather incompetent(they basically gave everything to us; horrible way to teach).
Anyway I've been following along with papino12 & thenewboston on youtube trying to learn allegro/c++ however I can't seem to get into it, so to speak. I can "mimic" what they do without a problem and understand what each variable/Boolean etc. stands for, however I'm having problems using the information toward my own designs. Are there certain exercises or problems that would help me be able to use the things I've learned more naturally or at all for that matter?
I seem to have some sort of learning barrier that I can't figure out.
any opinions, constructive criticism, ideas or help would be much appreciated.

I don't know any realistic level of C++ but it sounds more like you're having concept and or design issues. To better understand the question at hand, what is it you want to accomplish and how are you approaching it?

I understand completely, what you need to do first is Give yourself an assigment that you know you should be able to complete with what you know so far. If you practice what you have learnt in your own way it is much more fun to program and you will find it much easier to code for your 'own designs' as you put it.

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At the moment I am doing my best to design a basic 2d game engine(atm just thinking gfx like placing characters and tiles on the screen) for a friend of mine.(I know its going to take quite a while.)
However its definitely concept. The problem is that everything I see in code seems as if there is only one answer; when I know that there is probably another way of doing things, but because I'm just learning allegro and I don't have a full understanding of how It works I just seem to stare off into space while thinking about/researching what to do next.
Anyway I'm gonna try what allkill10 said and give myself some assignments until I find my way of coding. However I wouldn't mind more tips etc.
Thanks again!

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