Hi, I'm new to this forum.

My other intro thread was deleted as it was considered self-promotion.

I am introducing myself as an Online Marketer, because that is what I do, and internet marketing is great in terms of a business.

Therefore, I hope to help out others in this particular subject and see if I can succeed in doing so.


-Nick B. :)

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Welcome Nick! We are happy to have you on board and hope you will be able to add to the many marketing discussions here at DaniWeb.

Hi Nick. This is a best place to interact - welcome aboard!

Hi Nick,

welcome... Can you tell me which sector you are mainly concentrate link software there are many tech, seo etc...

Hi, Nick

Nice to have you join with us on daniweb forum and wish to see you around. :)

Welcome to the forum, Nick!
Nice to meet you!
Enjoy your stay!

Kind regards

Welcome Sir Nick.
Hope you will give us some of your ideas.
Enjoy and have fun here.
I am also new here by the way.

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