Hi Everyone:
I am Carla 312. I am having a problem with My Dell Dimension8400. I am running it on Windows XP. My mouse and Keyboard are freezing up sporadically and I can't do anything other than restarting the computer. I tried running a systems restore, And I got a message saying it couldn't complete it. So I turned system restore off, rebooted, then turned it on again. I am still having this issue. I tried some of the free antivirus software. I also am wondering if my drivers are all up to date. I can't seem to download any drivers without paying. Any help would be tremendously appreciated. PS I am not a computer Geek (but I'm learning), so I will need information explained if that's possible

Hi Carla, I'm no geek either but I was helping a friend with a DELL laptop which played up for almost half a year. Finally someone pointed us to this DELL support site and the help we've got from there was fantastic. Give it a go, they also have a 'driver download' option there!

"So I turned system restore off, rebooted, then turned it on again. ".. that action would have removed all your restore points.
Notwithstanding the advice from Pitti... Pay for drivers?.... no, they are always free in my experience. What you might have to pay for is the use of some system/driver analyser software's driver downloads. Don't do that, either. Device Doctor is free, their driver downloads are free. But with even the other Pay to Download the Driver programs you can always identify the drivers that could be updated and then gurgle or go directly to the manuf. site and find the driver.