off topic: Let's just hope that wind is the wind of wisdom and not the wind from "susheelsundar" pants. Cause if it is, then there is more than just a party going on in "susheelsundar"'s pants.

A sea of dreams, an ocean of...


Dreams on ocean, floating by..

...of limitless possiblities. When sea dweller's dreams...

I Like The way you Lie :)

I Like The way you Lie :)

Let me lie the way you like ;)

,when you and me live far away.

Far far away there lived a Prince

Prinve Woz was the most eligible bachelor

A bachelor like none other. The prince...

Prince like other Princes studied everything

, because everything is like nothing else.

No one else was like him

since literally, there was no one else.:D

In story There was one Pretty Princess

the story sounds pretty weird.

The princess was weird. She had three...

She had three maids for her service

Was her service related to escorting?

The prince asked her maids of service.

The Prince asked her for date

Do you know what was the date?

Do you know who was on date

Who was the story writer, you know?

You know Story is building here

I read the story, that building slowly...