lets build the story fast

This story got so twisted, it is not even funny. :D
I'll top off the story again, before a new beginning.

The prince and princess met from a escort service the princess ran.
Her maids ran off with the prince just before the prince and princess' date.
Princess killed herself and the prince got killed by the maids because the princess killed herself. The end.:D

(That's 2 stories with people dieing:'(. At least they all died for good reasons.:D)

Let's start again
and try to stick with the story of the previous post, until someone kills them all again:D.

A frog and a bush were friends.

frog and bush were very kind

One day, frog said something to bush.

one day will come after another

Bush said, " What is after the 'another' ".

Bush was scared. Was there something lurking?

A Frog is Also a toad, False

False is the above statement, true.

What is the above statement all about

It's all about five, six, or seven.

All of this sentence is seven words.

This seven eight nine last night!

Seven eight nine!!! what is this?

seven, eight, nine are numbers.

Numbers are very important

computer is very important too

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and Three is Homophobic of Too

Too is a homophone of two!

this is one of the three methods

this is one of the three methods

Okaaaay, Which one of these Three are the best? :P

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the one which is with truth

and which is that one ;)

The one which is not here

Where is the one for me?