I pass my first entrance test held by the Singapore government. Now i need to take the university entrance test. I have two choice Duke university or Imperial College. Which one should i go and the test is next monday, i need all the blessings i can get. Thanks

You are blessed in Jesus name, Just pray that God helps you to decide, it's not my decision to make, but you could look at your vision for your life and also look at the two schools intricately and see which one runs with your vision.

But I know one thing you're Blessed In Jesus Name.

***Spills Beer(The holy ever water of mankind) on Jigada***

*smiles* , it gets better don't worry. ;)



I wish and pray that Jigada will pass that exam which could possibly impress every girl in singapore.

And Holy God, i pray Jigada's Knowledge and intelligence increases like population of this planet, so that he could impress bill gates and buffet warren?(i am sorry i don't know his name in particular), to give him a 90% share in their company.

And god, help him to understand the life and hopeless people around him, to live life like a king size.

I complete my prayer here lord, coz i am getting late to my class. :/\

But God Thanks Alot :).


Thanks everyone, but if you had the same choice as me which university will you choose, like which have a better reputation

It depends on what you want to study. It's better to compare Universities on that basis.

Duke is ranked 14th in the world form the 2010 rankings, while Imperial College is 26th in the world, It now boils down to course of study.

You ask for blessings and have this in your sig?
> "It is not sufficient that I suceed - all others must fail."

Under such a doctrine we should be hoping you fail.
(You also misspelled succeed)

Thanks for corercting my spelling, but what my signature mean is that to succeed we must have determination and not wait for others to fail and win. I post that because think genghis khan way of thinking is unique. Do you want me to change my signature

Well I think that quote you have n your signature is not good enough, and like you to change it. To succeed means that you have achieved your best and not just being the best among the rest.

Thanks e-papa. I have already changed it

I think this is good. jingda.

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