The White Stripes are absolutely one of my most favorite inspirational bands. I am a musician and they definitely influence the way I play keys. Just wanted to let people know that they are playing on the jon Stewart Daily Show Dec 1. On a side note but equally important, I was thinkin... at www.getthewholething.com there is this very provocative ad for Napster. We don't get ads like THAT in the US. It’s a Napster test commercial that got leaked from the UK. Think it’ll make it to TV in the U.S.? I just had some thoughts listening to Howard Stern this morining and goofing around on the Internet and mulling over censorship and what's been goin on in the news lately. The FCC has been coming down so hard on Howard Stern for so long. I am so sad to see him go. :( Are you guys worried about what the radio will turn into? Are you worried about your rights of the First Amendment and the freedom of speech? I think we all start to think about censorship and what we plan on doing about it. The movies.... AHHHHHH! War of the Worlds gets a PG -13 rating, yet you show a little booby and it's an R. What's WRONG with this world??? Thoughts anyone? Are you frightened? Mad? :confused: Do you guys care? :?: My band is the second pic. I am the devil girl! We are called IED :twisted:

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