I am aware that there has been talks about the new features in HTML5 can create great games that are on par with flash. I have even seen a working MMO demo and a complete port of doom videos created purely by HTML5. However, I am actually curious if there are more cons than pros?

I guess some items below may be wrong or missing others items but this is what I can think of at the moment...

-No plugins required
-Can be played on Flash non-supported devices (*cough* iPhone/iPad)
-No separate programming languages required

-Huge bandwidth (Large amounts of images drawing)
-56K unfriendly
-Not all browsers will render HTML5 exactly the same.
-Only newest version of browsers support HTML5

Anyone welcome to comment on my post. Would like to hear some opinions on this...

sergent commented: Nice! +0

I think HTML 5 is awesome and we needed a new version of HTML for a LONG time (stable version of HTML 4 was released more then 10 years ago!!). So I think it is great way to move forward, but there is some cons too. I don't think there is any network capabilities as FLASH so I think no cool multiplayer games (ok not that cool, but some Flash games have multiplayer). Also anyone can steal the source code for the games because JavaScript and HTML are client side and in Flash it is impossible to see the source code. But also Flash often causes browser crashes and I think it is a bad for the web so I am glad new HTML is here.

Hey Sergent,

Thanks for your input. :)

However, I will have to disagree on flash source code you mentioned. With the right tools, you can indeed able to view the sources and assets without much problem. Even when they are encrypted with programs like SwfEncrypt, etc...

As to no network ability for HTML5, check out the videos below which demonstrate the networking ability:


Yes, I see now :) Really cool.