I have a joomla site with one flash based video in it. Of course people are now saying "It doesn't work in iPads". I was thinking about using the <video> tag in html to get round this - can I just simply put a <video>... </video> tag in the middle of the php template. Do I need to worry about the fact that the page will have an xhtml 1.0 transitional doctype? Am I right in thinking this will work because the html4 browsers will just ignor the extra tag and whatever is in between it? Doesn't feel like its going to work!

I wondered if anybody could advise before I set off down another blind alley!

Thanks in advance

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In html 5 actually there is no need to declare a doctype according to the specifications and what hear from most people but most include the
<!DOCTYPE HTML> just in case. it might just work.

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