You May See More Advertisments on Your Mobile Device Screen

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Smart phone users, including iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, will now be able to see more advertising on their phones thanks to a new interactive video ad player that automatically detects the user's device and switches it to HTML5 and the appropriate video required by that device.

The Jivox Interactive Video Ad player automatically detects the device the user is on. This means that video ads can be served across devices with no changes required to ad tags or code on the website to accommodate devices, even those that don’t support Adobe Flash. The ad player's interactive features also support the touch interfaces that are increasingly being used on mobile devices.

This version of Jivox video advertising platform allows brand advertisers and agencies to reach a wider audience online with their interactive video ad formats. End users don't need to be concerned with technology integration or device compatibility issues. This platform eliminates the obstructions to the delivery of interactive video ads because the technology allows advertisers to run device-agnostic video ad campaigns.

According to Diag Nesamoney at Jivox, it is important for advertisers to have an ad platform that can deliver the ad regardless of the user's device. Since most interactive video ads are based on Adobe Flash, until now, they were not able to be viewed on most mobile devices--which, to some users may have been, in the words of Martha Stewart, a good thing.

Agilemind 0 Posting Whiz in Training

Yeah, just what we need, to make it easier for irritating general ads to bombard us on all fronts.

I wonder if there would be a market for a mobile device that deliberately blocks ads....

Jane O'Conor 0 Newbie Poster

I know that ads can be very annoying, but as an employee of a business corporation I can see the other side as well. We also use similar ways not just to make people angry but to inform them. Of course we need the profit as well. We use a gateway, called Ozeki NG SMS Gateway ( to send mass messages but we only send them to those who are willing to give their phone numbers to us. We often advertise our products in SMS to stay alive. Take this into account.

VanessaRyan 12 Junior Poster in Training

There's always two sides. Someone should develop a mobile device without ads--but to find out about it you'd have to see it in an ad SOMEWHERE or you wouldn't know it existed.

James82 0 Newbie Poster

thats horrible...noone wanna see advertisement all the time....

rahulbatra -3 Junior Poster in Training

Yeah true we need to block some adds to stop irritating us.

VanessaRyan 12 Junior Poster in Training

Or we should be given the opportunity to close the ad once the image is screened even though the ad isn't finished running. That way we've seen it and if we want to view the ad in detail we can but we don't have to.

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