I use Microsoft Outlook 2000 for my email. I have a company with twenty employees. They email requests for days off to me. Right now I "manually" move these email requests to the individual folder. I know that I can set a rule in Outlook that autmoatically moves email to a specific folder from a specific sender...another words when a day off request comes from Mary Smith it automatically goes to her folder. The problem with this is I have to check all 20 folders everyday to see if I have any requests. What I am wondering...is there a way for these emails to appear in "my inbox" as well as being automatically directed to an individual's folder? Thanks for the help in advance.

Hi Anthony, welcome to DaniWeb :)

This particular forum is a place for new members to introduce themselves, but it's not a place where we handle technical questions.

You should start a new thread in our Windows Software forum and post your question there; I'm sure some of our other members will have some suggestions for you.

Welcome Anthony,
you should get solutions for your problems.

Sorry to all...I will take your advice and repost. For a brief introduction...I actually am an administrator in a state agency. We are trying to do as much as we can to convert from paper records to electronic...this includes adminstrative matters as well as operational. Not being computer experts much of this requires that we "work" our way through problems on our own. I believe this site will be very helpful.
Thanks Tony Accardi