Microsoft messed up Update Rollup 1, that caused compatability problems with several vendor applications such as Citrix, Sophos, and some parts of Microsoft Office. Programs were unable to access floppy disks, or even crashed more often, or simply didn't work. Microsoft earlier remarked that only a handful of applications failed after Update Rollout 1 was installed, but was later forced to acknowledge more incompatabilities

Microsoft has patched the Update Rollout 1, now at version 2, and has posted the repair on their websites.

Microsoft has removed Windows 2000 from active mainstream support on June 30.

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Meaning my entire school will be forced to update... the computer "technicians" can't do anything without calling tech support. Today at school I pointed out a badly adjusted computer monitor to my biology teacher and told her I "knew how to fix it, but the stupid school rules say I can't change anything on these computers." She told me I could, and now I have a little extra credit. :D

school rules concerning computers suck.
I have never met a schoo technician who is GOOD at his/her job,
They always impose ridiculous restrictions for example at my school you can't even check the time on the windows startbar?? wtf??

In my opinion it provokes students to "mess" with the system just to return some of that 'grief' they so fondly hand out.

Here's an example from my college(yes. not school, but college)...

Our labs needed a fresh install of Windows 98. The lab in charge popped in a Windows 98 CD in the drive, and as the BIOS was set to boot from CD first, it booted off of the Windows 98 CD, and presented the Windows 98 bootup menu. This left the lab in charge totally flummoxed. He kept staring at the screen for 15-20 seconds with a blank look. After that, he simply switched off the main power. I was shocked at this level of incompetence. He didn't reboot the machine. He simply switched off the main power.

If this is the state of the lab in charge, I shudder to think about the rest of the faculty...

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