ZoomText, MAGic, JAWS in VMWare/Lab Manager

I need to test the base code while using accommodations functions within accessibility software packages like ZoomText, MAGic, JAWS, etc. These programs do not play well together, and so must be separated. I don't have enough physical boxes, so we thought, ah ha! VMWare to the rescue. Now when installing in the virtual environment, JAWS continually prompts for the serial number for activation, even when it has been entered. Furthermore, the cursor splits when using the magnification feature, leaving two cursors - one the default size and one the magnified size. Obviously this creates an issue for reliable testing, as this does not occur in the local environment, only the virtual, making it challenging to see a true test result in the virtual world.

So...anyone out there attempt a similar thing, installing any of these types of packages in the virtual world? Which packages? Did you see these issues? Were there any work arounds? Any other issues found? Thanks in advance.

yeah, do a remote desktop into a virtual machine and you will see problems.
i haven't used vmware for a while, so i'm not sure all it's capable of,
but it might have something to do with your video card driver on the virtual machine.
that can be a problem if your real box doesn't support hardware emulation.