I am interested in starting to work on a recipe search engine. The problem is though, is getting the recipes. I would like to access the ones in the top online recipe search engines, but I am not sure what way would be the most efficient and most legal way to do this.

Here are the options I am considering:

  • On-the-fly screen scraping
  • Screen scraping in advance and creating a massive database
  • A combination of the two, scraping on-the-fly and then saving it to a database that will be checked along with the other sites
  • Finding some free API

Which of these would be the best, in your opinion, as well as being legal?

To see some sites that do something similar to this see SNIP, SNIP and SNIP


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Not to rain on your picnic table, but of what real use is yet another site that has recipes that are already posted on a dozen other sites already?

It is targeting a niche that I think I will be able to retain as repeat visitors, and will contain functionality that that target audience wants/requires.

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