Minus 4 degrees celcius here in Tehran ,
freeeeeeezing !

-4C? Luxury. I stand on the deck in -30C in my pyjamas to let the dog have his bedtime pee. Mind you, I can't take the heat like you probably can. Of course, in the cold, one can always add clothing. In the heat there's only so much you can take off.

Well, where I live (Belgium, Mechelen) it seems to be tropical in comparison with where most of you guys live.

Tolerable -4C (24F) right now -- expecting lots of snow Saturday night, largest snowstorm in over 15 years. Weather casters have said that before but it went around us and we didn't get a snowflake. We'll see if that happens again.

It's snowing heavily here today, started last night. There is about 6 inches on the ground and still snowing. Temp is good though, only 23F.

Still -29C with a windchill of -41. The dog is displeased.

I'll bet there aren't very many birds flying around either :)

-6F and the wind is blowing hard, light snow on the ground.

Good day to stay in and work on model trains.

I've got the feeder full of seeds and there isn't a single bird in it. When I was a lad we used to get Hungarian Partridges come in all kinds of weather. If it was really cold they'd puff up their feathers and huddle in a dent in the snow while they ate. I guess the birds I have here now are just not large enough to retain heat no matter how much they fluff.

Sunny and warm in the Southwest (CalNevAri).
Very cold and snowy in the Northeast.

I heard there will be a windchill of -70 degF in Minnesota! That means your spit will freeze before it hits the ground.

Back from Bulgaria?

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Yes thanks, no rain, no snow - so skiing only on the artificial stuff. Still good though.

I am living in bangladesh. now hare 4.00 digre celcias.

Stopped snowing last night, the show plows where out in our neighborhood about 10:00 pm shoveling the snow from the street up into our yards. Nice clear day this morning, we have not seen this much snow in 30 years. Temp isn't as bad as they thought it would be either, only about 1F.

Yes thanks, no rain, no snow

As AD pointed out, we have more than enough where he is as well as in the great white north where I am. Unfortunately it's too bloody cold to go out and enjoy it. It's supposed to go to -3C by the weekend but I won't get to enjoy it as I'll be stuck inside for 4 days.

What you guys have too little of, we have too many.
Today it was 14°C (normally 5°). Crocuses and daffodils are showing their tops. They normally do that around begin march.

I am from india. Temp. -2 degree.....Cool Cool Cool..........Enjoy and Be Careful............

Temp in the 40s and 50s (F) today and tomorrow. All the snow we got the other day is nearly gone now.

I am living in USA. now hare 8.00 digre celcias.

here its 31 degrees Celsius but feels like 50 degrees -_-

Right now, it is -32 degrees celcius and -41 with the wind-chill. Brrrr.

I'm about 8 miles away from stuugie and the dog want to go for a walk.

Relatively nice day today. Yesterday was about 15.5C but today is -10C. At least there's no snow on the ground :)

@Reverend Jim, It'd be a short walk today I imagine.

I had to shovel steps into the snowbank that has piled up outside my back fence in order to get out of the yard.

That's awesome Reverend Jim!

Yes it is -- and you can keep all that snow where you are, I don't want it here :) But I'll bet winter sports are great where you live.

[edit]I couldn't help myself -- I just had to repost that picture on Facebook didn't mention anyone's name. I don't think anyone around here has ever seen that much snow unless they traveled up to Canida.

Judging from what I've seen and heard on the news, a lot of New York is looking like this as well.