what is the point of trying to help silly little lost online souls?
maybe someday i'll wake and realize i'm gonna lock the gate....and you can't come in....
this post is directly directed towards the loser who likes to rate me down.

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Which post? I'm not going to search all 78 of your posts to find out why someone voted you down.

I don't see any down-reps for you in the past month. All + rep back to June 10, where you must have been doing something people didn't like.

On the other hand you have been giving bad rep to a bunch of members in a Geek's Lounge thread.

Whats wrong with you dude?
why you started to giving negative reputation in thread You know you are a geek when ....
so according to you in that thread all are Bad Apple and you alone one is a good one,
i didn't find any reason to down vote every post in that thread..
no one made laugh of any member that was individuals thinking of member
Can you or Moderator give me any reason for downvoting members of the thread You know you are a geek when ....

and now skilly do not down vote this post also as a bad apple

seems skilly likes to troll...
Got a nice bridge for you, skilly.

Bring it on fool - I've found a new sport.

Rep in the lounge is a toy, but doesn't count for anything.
Rep elsewhere is still a toy, but actually counts.

You like bad apples, well you're going to find a LOT of red ones on all your other posts now.

ok...here's the story, in the 'you know you are a geek when' thread, somebody
down-rated my 'you stink like BO after the slightest bit of exercise' response for no good reason. it pissed me off that somebody would rate me down for that and not even say why or who they are..
so then i decided to just downrate everyone's post in that thread in the hopes of finding out who or why my post was downrated. but mostly i would just like to know why.
the post has since been up-rated back to 0. thanks to whoever up-voted.
i will try to remove all my down-votes from that thread, but i don't think that i am able to take back votes once they are cast....

thank you all for your concern, and i'm sorry i let one anonymous bad apple spoil the whole bunch of you.

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however childish I think your actions were, you're apperantly trying to better yourself and I'll consider your post as an apology to the members you've wrongfully down-voted and the community in general.

Let's try to keep it at this and stop the voting-massacre

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