Does anyone can recommend some application to play Blu-ray on pc? I have CyberLink PowerDVD 8 that came with optical drive, but often there is a lag (visible stop in playback). I would love if VLC player people added BR support to application, but at the moment libbluray is more of trouble then success

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Anyway , I guess vlc player will do that job. Do you have any troubles using vlc?

Did you tried this

If you carefully check your link you will see that you are only linking updated version of Cyberlink

Anyway , I guess vlc player will do that job. Do you have any troubles using vlc?

I have no problems using VLC, I use it regularly for DVDs. I just do not fancy installing all these compilers needed to get libbluray compiled on my machine

What problems do you have playing the blu-ray disks in VLC?
If there's some sort of copy-protection on it that vlc can't handle, you could try using a BR-ripping program to make a personal backup, and strip the security with that.

From my experience this should increase you speed because:
A - no annoying decripting needs to be done and
B - it's a lot faster to stream from your HDD then a BR disk.

Who knows, maybe even Cyberlink can play it then!
If that fails, try to close whatever you don't need: save system resources

@phoenix_2000 I do not buy Blu-Ray(BR) so I can rip them later. I buy them because I like the improvement in movie quality.
If you know VLC then you would be aware that it is NOT able to play BR straight out of box (fresh install). To enable VLC to play BR you need to install libbluray which needs to be compiled, therefore need another set of tools to be loaded on pc (generally polluting my system with stuff I will not use).

CyberLink PowerDVD 8 is able to play most of the BR, but lately is getting no updates and doesn't play new titles. Before buying the latest version I wanted make sure that I'm not missing on some open source application that is capable to play BR.

So far nobody came with anything valuable. Therefore it is safe to say that at the moment there is no open source application, that is hassle free (no additional installs), doesn't require any illegal act (ripping movie is in many countries considered criminal act) and one should invest in comercial product.

I can still play some BR disks using VLC, and legal ones yes.
it's just the modern copying security that ruins it's ability, as i have seen it.

besides, in SOME country's ripping might be illegal, but in SOME countries, making a backup for personal use is legal. don't mistake ripping for uploading...
Oh, and you don't have to sacrifice any quality at all if you make a full rip.

Dunno if it's legal or not where you come from, i can't predict your country or it's rules.

And no, it's not ideal. but as you said it yourself: nobody seems to have a better plan. so it's either upgrading or, if it is allowed, ripping.

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