I was looking at one of the stickied threads about introducing yourself... so here we go!

Name: Alexander/Alex
Nickname: Meow (Don't ask, comes from a game I play), Alexo, and that's pretty much it...
Height: 5'5"
Weight: 130
Hair: Brown/Dark Blonde
Eyes: Green
Location: Chicago Suburbs, Illinois
Age: 13 (Quite legal, according to the Policy, but I'm not one of those stereotypical teens ;))
Hobbies: Music, computers, PHP, sleeping, reading.

Relationship Status: Single

Fav Music: Techno/Trance, Pink Floyd, Porcupine Tree

Education: Junior High.... but am quite smart, my reading test score exceeds the state standards ;)

Work: None... I like sleeping.

Favorite Movies: Horrible Bosses

Favorite TV Shows: Wipeout, truTV presents: World's Dumbest..., Celebrity Ghost Stories

Favorite Video Games: I play MMOs and MMORPGs, so Onverse and WoW.

Stuff you Dislike: People who ask me how to save/print, even when I have helped them in previous grades with this.

I am an amateur web programmer, and work with PHP most of the time... I hate JavaScript, confuses me.... and I have fooled around with C :D

I LOVE BOOKS. History, fiction, fantasy, mystery, I don't care. I love 'em.

I have a cat.

I am quite smarter at computer-related stuff than the tech teacher at school, so my teachers ask me first ;D

Cya soon!