Hi there,

As mentioned above I am currently trying to come up with some ideas.

The project would more than likely be online related i.e. a website.

My areas of interest and knowledge:

Content managment systems
Dynamic websites

Any ideas or help would be much appreciated


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You could do a baseball, hockey or soccer league web site. Like you would have all the stats, standings and all. You would have a login with different rights like admin, coach, player. The player could view his stats, the coach could enter the players stats and so on. I had to do a project like that once. You could do it in ASP.

Thanks for the response.

I was thinking os something a little more in depth, as this would be for a dissertation so I would need to set a question and then prove it through both research and practical means.

I am quite interested in creating something online related, like a website but Im stuck trying to justify an idea. I have knowledge in creating dynamic database driven websites so something along these lines that I could turn into a research project as well would be great.

Would be very greatful for an ideas or advice



I think I have a pretty good idea about what I want to do now, whether its any good though is another thing.

Web content management system, is my idea. Basically I thought of making a backend/admin area for a website where a non-technical user could add/update content on their site. It would be template driven and the user could add pages to the site using a selection of supplied templates.

I them when on to think about the template system and why should the user be limited to just the supplied templates. So I am now thinking about some kind of Flash application along side the backend that allows the user to design via drag and drop elements, new templates.

Im guessing that this kinda thing has already been done numerous times before but it interests me and would make use of various web technologies.

This aside though Im aware that more marks are given to the actual report on the project than the product itself so I would need to back it all up with extensive reseach and stuff.

Well thats it, I would be very grateful if you could give me some feedback on what I have mentioned above.


What type of degree/class is this for?

There is currently something similar but more elaborated than that being developed at my work.

You could also use an editable DIV for content and add controls with execCommand() method in JavaScript.

Im curretly studying for a degree in Multimedia, with my interests mainly being in the web (asp, php, .net, MySQL).

Care to tell me a little more about the more elaborate project that your working on? :idea:

I cant say much because it is for the government. Basically it is a web application similar to MS Visual Studio .NET that will be used to design web pages. For the designing abilities, we can either click a button or drag it on the form to add a control. There is also the properties of each control on the side. We can also convert the page from HTML view to Design view by using the innerText and innerHTML methods of JS.

As for you, you could find plenty of stuff to add to the project... The possibilities are endless.

Yeah thats true , possibilities are pretty much endless, I just need to narrow down my project objectives and aims.

I also need to provide research as to why this should be developed and how it can be of use. I guess I could do this by reviewing what is on the market at the moment.

Im just a little worried that Im thinking too much into the actual product and not enougth into the reasons for doing it, which will be the report stuff that will give most of the marks.

Anyway cheers for replying

well you could try to create an ecommerce site...

sell music dvds ...

posters of music singers ....

or create a community of people which share the same ideas about music....


what can do for B.E final year project...??? is there any thing can be done using multimedia????
or else can u suggest something else topic to do it well.

im studying at msu and doing ICT and majoring in multimedia. im looking for title for my fyp.my interest on video documentary.but m getting confused the differences with video documentary and interactive video documentary.Any ideas or help would be much appreciated

Guys, if you want any response on your questions, open a NEW thread of your own. Very little members will respond on posts as old as 2005. We hate to raise the dead.;)

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