hi everybody ,

i am currently going to school for IT security and i have a drug poss charge from 06 i have not got into any trouble since then. i was working in a wharehouse pretty much right after i got out of prison up till a couple months ago . i hurd that i would never be able to get a gob in IT any ware if there is anybody out there that could give some insight that would be great


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With your sloppy English, you'll never even get your job application letter past an initial screening.

There's tons of jobs that don't require background checks or security clearances, which you'd fail.
There's also a lot of companies that won't hire people with a criminal record on general principle (whether right or wrong, they reason that if you did something bad once they can't trust you to not do it again even if it's decades later).

But you're planning to go into security jobs, with a criminal record. Worst possible combination.

With some employers the question is, "fraud or murder"? Fraud is unacceptable, of course, but murder? That could be understandable. Drug possession could be, too. It might depend on the drug.

Your biggest superficial drawback is certainly your inability to put together complete sentences. As for non-superficial drawbacks, being bad at IT security, if it happens to be the case that you are, is much more likely to hold you back than your criminal record. You're best bet to be much better at everything related to IT security than other people are, in order to overcome your criminal record.

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