i did not expect to find such website were people share a bit of what they know just for the sake of finding what they are looking for, so here you have it:
Interests:ski,long drag walks,hashing locally from time to time, cute/intelligent girls(both && || accepted)
Philosophy:who said that and whom? 'could you please move a bit? you are just blocking the sun and i was sunbathing'
Preferred Music:classical, country, lately listening Cannuk pop
Education:got an engineering degree in spain but just when i finished it off they told me it was only valid if i had an opus certificate attached to it, or/and a 'relative of a government employee' certificate. i didn't attend opus schools and despite i hold some acquiantances and even friends among them(spanish public servants), on average i stay away from spanish government employees, just in case their bureaucracy corrupts my software.
Programming Languages and Other Technologies:i am at present refurbishing cv to improve career prospects.RF HW up to few (VHF UHF mainly) ghz ask me, tv and radio broadcasting ask me as well, any rf frequency i can solve it, optical i may answer or point at the right spot. Mobile Comms Base Station integration, sat receivers, electrical and cooling support systems and many other things i have done lately.
1st chance i get hands on they'll regret it.
Current Thankless, Underpaying Job:at present looking for a job
Favorite Food/Drink:if healthy it will do
Favorite Books:TClancy, FForsyth, last one not yet finished 'DaVinci's code' but it's not a new story, the truth is already in some good history books which were kept away from inquisitors: columbus was catalan, not italian like some spanish claim, he did not discover america, but the vikings did through the Northern Atlantic. and many centuries earlier the eskimoos had already reached Alaska, so they should be the ones to bear the medal
Favorite Movies:Spilberg or any one made by a good director, good players around Favorite TV Shows:not watching shows, just documentaries, films and quizzes.
Things and People I Dislike:liars (skip players, tey have a good purpose), cowards who hide behind a public job or behind an officer badge, or those at work not having a clue but taking your work and putting their name in the corner box and rushing to boss saying 'look what've done'. a short list of lawyers (you'd better not have your name on it), the inquisition which still exists but it has gone global as any prosperous business.
That's all folks, now let's learn a bit of C.

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Hi! Welcome to DaniWeb. I hope you enjoy this place. Good luck job hunting. I'm sorry to hear about the problem obtaining your degree.

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