I am also looking for a good fan controller and temp guide etc. It can be 5.25 or 3.5 size. What does anyone recommend? Thanks again.

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Actually it needs to be a 5.25" bay. If you were to buy a 4 fan controller/temp monitor which one would you buy? I like the digital readout ones. Anyone care to put down their 2cents. Thanks.


Is there no one on this fourm that knows anything about these? I know to some they are gadgets but some like to control fan speed for noise and also like to control temp.


See if any of you computer geniuses can answer this. With the digital doc 5+ is doesn't control fan speed, just off and on. Could I get a y connecter for the fan connectors and hook up one to the doc 5 and one to a speed controller. Does anyone know the answer to this?


Probably not as then it would be supllying it with double the amount of volts and amps that it needs also casuing the fan to blow up and both of the fan controllers. There are many out there that will be helpfull to you. If you are in the uk i would look at ebuyer.co.uk they have nice cheap ones that do all what you want.

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