I am a second year student of Computer Science in the UK. I'm searching for a work placement as a web/software developer but as you know, the job market out there is very competitive. Especially the larger companies such as Intel or Microsoft which have hundreds upon thousands of applicants all applying for one position so no matter how good someone may be, there is always chance that someone will be better.

For the above reason I've decided to give up on really large companies as they will most likely waste my time through the 5 or 6 assessment stages they have. I've started looking into smaller companies and have been applying for a while but I still haven't had an overwhelming response. On top of this my peers seem to think that it is impossible to get a job, and that if someone doesn't secure an internship then they have little chance of progressing anywhere in their career when they graduate which seems like a bit of an overreaction but I think it would possibly decrease your chances of getting a good job after graduation.

Now, I have until the end of March to find a placement/internship. My CV and Covering letter along with my qualifications/work experience are not too bad so I'm wondering does someone have any tips or advice they can give me for me to be able to secure a placement within the next two months. Or if anyone has the names of any companies can they please PM them to me, if you all could spare some time.

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contacting companies would be a good start. make sure you get familiar with what the company you write to do, that it is in the line of what you study.

if what you say, your resume is not too bad, it shouldn't be a problem. you could also ask your school or former students about where they did their internship, or if the company they work at now offer any.

I've finally got 2 interviews, perhaps I have a chance!

I've finally got 2 interviews, perhaps I have a chance!

even if you don't land a job, it's still useful. you can ask for feedback later on, checking for yourself where you might improve, and you already get a hint as to what recruiters will ask you, and what kind of skills they consider to be important for a similar job/project.

anyway, good luck with your interviews.

Yes, you're right stultuske. You gain more experience for every unsuccessful attempt, until having enough experience to have a successful one. Although I do hope I get it in my first try.

every one does, and I hope you get it, but don't get discouraged if you don't get the job on the first try. a better offer 'll come up :-)

I did one between my third and fourth year. Graduating this summer - im up in scotland but worked for one down in england doing programming. Much better working for a smaller company, you get to do more.

Yeah jbennet, that's exactly what I believe it will be like. Plus with a smaller (but fairly succesful) company there's quicker career progression due to the fact employees are seen as actual people whereas with bigger companies, your supervisors may never get to actually meet you and see your work - you'd just be a statistic on paper to them.

That's my belief anyway.

Yeah, but generally a lower starting salary in a smaller business. Ie 22-24 rather than 24-26.

Yeah, but generally a lower starting salary in a smaller business. Ie 22-24 rather than 24-26.

Thats a bit generous ! i did 2 days a week in a company for a year while i was at uni and now working for them and am on less than 20G a year. it's a smaller company too.

I've got a job doin c++ secured for when I leave uni for 22k. Sky offered my mate 24 as a java developer rising to 26 after a year.

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