I need help people. I have the most vague and wordy assignment know to man. Add this to the fact that the lecturer responds with the same vague responses, I have resorted to this desperate measure. Here is the assignment brief (if you could call it that)

Use the SFIA framework (Attached) to benchmark your current profile. The document may consist of a range of artefacts (deliverables), supported in each case by critically reflective writing. It should be no longer than 2000 words excluding the appendices.
 Theme 1 – focus on computing professional and ethical concerns
 Theme 2 – focus on individual self-management (planning, organisational and reflective) skills
 Theme 3 – focus on team working skills
 Theme 4 – focus on employability skills

For starters where in that document is professionalism or ethical concerns even touched upon?? Or teamworking ?? I just need your help to get me started. A example would be amazing. I'm in no way asking for my assignment to be completed, just help me to understand what I'm being asked to do.

Please help.

EDIT: I forgot to upload the attachment and now I click edit then advanced options but I cannot upload the file because it says upload failed?

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I tried to upload it as a zip and it didn't work. Will convert to doc and see it that works as a zip.

Worked. Uploaded as .docx.

for some reason it didn't let me edit my post above a second time.


I completed the assignment without your help soooo . Do you want to delete the topic?

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