Well. I am newbie here and i wanna ask what course to choose. I am a third year high school student, and I am having troubles choosing what course to take.. So here's my choices Computer engineering ( proposed by my mom) Computer Science ( Choose it myself) and computer Information.. So yeah I am at lost right now.If you guys have any course in mind that is best to choose please tell me..:)

I'll vote for computer engineering.

Well, there are plenty of people interested in all those things, right?! So it depends what YOU are interested in.

Computer engineering (proposed by my mom)

Do this if you're interested in electrical engineering and circuit design. You'll have to do heavy math and electrical theory. Computer engineers are valuable because they know the electrical engr. stuff AND know how to program. Bear in mind that you'll be associating with engineers all your life, i.e., not many girls around.

Computer Science (Chose it myself)

This is much more open-ended and you can get into lots of different fields, depending on your other interests. If you really enjoy programming or systems design, this is a good choice. The theory involved is less mathematical but can be a bit abstract, depending on your specialization. You'll be associating with a mixture of geeks and Dull Normals.

Computer Information

This field is for management specialists. Your studies will go heavily into business admin with much less theory involved, though there are some interesting courses on things like networks. You will deal with business systems and will likely do very little original work, since most all the applications are already well understood. You'll associate with "suits." You'll have to learn to talk business-speak to translate the management's ideas into workable solutions. NB: More girls here!

So see which profile fits you best and go for it! Bear in mind that my own views are necessarily personal and biased. Can you tell which of the three groups I come from?? If not, check my profile here, and my own recent Hello letter. Good luck to you!

If you like computer hardware go for computer engineering.