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This makes me question the aptitude of these senators that participated in this bill.

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feel free to discuss such issues, but don't just link to another site that is discussing them - thanks
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Feel free to discuss the issues here Shinedevil, rather than just dump a link to another site where it is being discussed.

I'll get the ball rolling: should the US Government have the right to seize the domains of those 'accused of aiding piracy' under a new law which looks like being voted through?

The key word here, as far as I am concerned, is accused. Found guilty of, then maybe. But just accused? No way.


pirates - not only 1)those who are selling cracked software. Pirates - it is also 2)those who wrote the software , and then does everything to make old one become useless.And then offer to "pirate" prices to buy new.

I do not support neither the firsts nor the seconds. In this question not all is unequivocal.


I agree with Davey. As long as an object, name, property belongs to me that I am accused of of using for criminal purposes, it still belongs to me until proven guilty that the said object, name property was used in any criminal activities before it can be seized.

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