i graduated from Old Dominion University in may of 2011 with a BS degree in computer science and can not find a job. not because they don t exist, but because i dont have experience, which is what they all have told me, even the entry level positions i found i lost because i did not have experience.

so what i want to know is how am i supposed to get experience if no one will hire me because i dont have experience?

and i am not the only one either who cant get a job because i dont have experience, i know several other people with BS in CS from both ODU and norfolk state and all of us cant get hired because we dont have experience which we cant get without a job that we cant get without experience.

i was just wondering

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This is a big problem nowadays with the recession, because everyone is getting laid off and taking lesser jobs. So all of the entry-level jobs that typically require very little experience are now being filled by people with lots of experience willing to work for less money.

Try investigating internships. They'll give you some experience while you continue your job search. Another option is to do a project on your own that utilizes some real-world skills. Something you can put on your resume.

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This has been the standard problem for ALL job searchers in all professions for as long as I can remember. It is not a problem that just applies to computer science. The best answer is usually to be top of the class and go for a career where a degree in any subject gets you in - ie one not requiring your topic specific degree; or take a lower level temporary job to gain the magical experience. An alternative is to have done a temporary summer job, so you have gained some experience while still a student.

Apart from those suggestions, I have no idea how anyone gets their first job when they all require experience.

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