hi guy's

i do not understand anything about designing a block diagram for this system,but i tried out don't know whether it's correct plssssssss check my attachment and tell me it's correct or not and tell me how to design this

tanx a lot

this is bit urgent
need to submit my MIS assignment b4 monday plss help me on this tanx again

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That is not a block diagram, looks pretty simple, what you need is a network diagram identifying each element as a cluster of information.

I would recommend smartdraw for this, they have a trial version, or Office Visio, otherwise it has absolutely nothing to do with c++

i am sory i have no idea of designing a block diagram how to do that i mean just give me an idea to design and cant I design it from words2008

you can design it in word, the usefulness of visio or smartdraw is that they already have a lot of types of diagrams preloaded.
For example customer information could be a class that is stored in an Array (primitive, but that would be a representation)

demand deposits, savings, commercial loans, mortgage loans, investments, and clubs would be functions that merge in one class

for the c just look in google images for "CRM"

d would be tables and graphs

You make for each one it's own diagram and then you integrate everything in the end

ya I understand what u say but this question was from my Management Information System (MIS), so do i need to go deep into programming side to design this block diagram. I mean even the theory book we have contain more managerial side than IT side and I am not vry much familiar with those tools

Try to keep it simple, a programming diagram is no different than a CRM diagram. Except if you are building a Multiagent System that each part of the CRM is an Agent and all information is processed and analyzed by a computer, which is not your case.

thanks a lot claudiordgs thanks to you I manage to designed it you been very generous thanks again really appreciated.......

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