before,that even supports Email notifications after getting an answer. but now what I see is 'contribute new article' whenever I try to ask a question.why?It doesn't even support email notifications for new answers


I feel just like you do, buddy. I just loved the old Daniweb.

The old DaniWeb was really flawed :( It really was. This new system has much better bones but it's still an evolution process. To receive email notifications, click the Watch this Article button at the bottom of the page. You can also go into your Edit Profile page and select "Automatically Watch Articles I Post In". There is a link at the top of every page called Watched Articles that will show you all articles you're set to receive email notifications for.

I understand, cscgal. What I meant is, previously we had "[CODE/]" tags for code. Now we need to indent the code sentences. Not that indenting is painful, but the [CODE/] tags (my opinion) were better than indentation. Stuff like that was not bad, you know? By the way, please, please, please so not take any offense from me.

didn't know that.!
Thanks Dani queen