How to create extended partition in Fedora via terminal.I'm getting this type of notification while trying to create new partition via Gparted partition Editor
*"It is not possible to create more than 4 primary paritions

If you want more partitions you should first create an extended partition. Such a partition can contain other partitions. Because an extended partition is also a primary partition it might be necessary to remove a primary partition first."*

Will you tell me how to allocate ......... unalloacted space(70gb) to extended partition through terminal

Thanks in Advance.

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what is this Fedora?

Fedora Redhat

On a standard partition table, you can only have 4 primary partitions. When people may need to have more than 4, then they make at least one an extended partition, which is kind of like another partition table, where you can create more partitions. Windows operating system bootloaders have to boot from a primary partition, but current linux grub bootloaders are not so constrained. I have see people with 4 or more bootable partitions on their systems using extended partitions.

fdisk /dev/hda

select the size and type of new partition type


mkdir /data
mount -t ext3 /dev/hda? /data
3) vi /etc/fstab
/data /data ext3 defaults 1 2

Before creating a partition, boot into rescue mode and do parttion after that

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