Dear Sir/Madam,

I have a small programe developed in VB 6.0 and database MS Access. Where user can insert their only name & address and can retrieve the existing records.

Just for test, I have kept this programe (.exe file and database file) in the share document of a computer and tried to run from another computer. It was running smoothly (I entered records and display that records too). I have not made setup file when i was tested. Just created .exe file.

I want to run this programe in home network that is connected with router. How can i run this programe after installing (I know how to make setup file in VB 6.0) into a computer? Please guide me.

#### There is no server in our Home Network. All computers OS is Windows XP Profesional S2

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You need to store the database file in a network path and specify that path in your connection string code.

Dear Debasisdas,

I have tested half(i.e changed the network path(another machine path) and placed the database into that path and accessing from my machine(without making setup file because in my machine VB 6.0 is installed)) of that and its working.

If i will installed the programe by setup file into no. 3rd machine. Will it worked? Because, i have not tested yet.

If the above query's answer is YES
If i will place the database into one machine keeping the path of database of that machine. Suppose i want to run the programe from no. 2, 3 or 4 machines. Is it necessary to installed the programe in every (no. 2, 3, 4) machines? or Is there another ways?

Please guide me sir.

1. Place the database in Machine 1.
2. Set the database path in the setup to the desired path (Machine 1).
3. Install the application in Mac 2, Mac 3,......

It will work every where.

commented: It has worked nicely +4

Dear Debasisdas,

Ok sir, I will write to you after testing the whole process. But the 2nd no. is little bit confusing me.

You need to set the network path instead of local path in the database connection string.

Dear Debasisdas,

Ok sir, that thing i understand. Actually i thought there is an option in the process of making Setup file. Any way, I will write here soon after testing. Thank you sir.

Dear Debasisdas,

Sir, it has worked nicely. Its great. Thank you sir. I have tested on another two machine (i.e with 3 nos. machine)

Happy Coding :)

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