I am using Notepad++ and I have just been investigating using the Workspace.

If I want to create a new file in the workspace I either have to manually locate the actual working folder and create the new file -- or I can use the Notepad++ Explorer to create the new file. Then I have to go back to the Workspace and add in the file I just created...

This isn't exactly what I want though as it seems long-winded.

Question: Is there a way to right click the appropriate folder in the Workspace view and create new file in that folder? Seems to me like a pretty simple request?


bomp bomp?

looking for notepad++ guru please?

Yep, dunno why this feature isn't there.
What I do is Right Click the workspace and select "Add Files..."
Then in the browser windows I right click and select New > Text Document. And then rename the new file and click open. It's not a perfect solution but it's a bit better.

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