right now I have an associates in it. was wondering if I could get some opinions on if id be better off crossing to computer science or sticking with a bachelors in it. im going to a university in the fall. which offers higher paying jobs? im interested in what both have to offer

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Any salary difference will be neglible. You need to talk to a school couseler at the college you want to attend to find out what courses are required for each of those degrees. A degree in CS will probably require more math than the degree in IT.

I would have to definitely say that a Computer Science degree is much more prestigious than an IT degree. I, personally, associate a Comp Sci degree with someone with excellent math skills, logic skills, who is good at theoretical issues, thinking abstractly, and an excellent problem solver. I associate a Comp Sci degree with someone who has the fundamental mental tools to be an engineer, a programmer, etc.

When I think of IT, I think more of someone who is taught current computing technologies, architecture, and some modern programming. I associate an IT degree with either web development or something that is more business focused.

I graduated in 2005 with a B.S. in Computer Science and a minor in Business Computer Information Systems (which my university renamed/simplified to Information Systems a year after graduated).

commented: That's exactly how I see the difference too +0

I agree with Cscgal completely. If you've got the brains for CS, don't hold back!

I agree with cscgal on her thoughts about the two. Fortunately, I will also be attending a university in the fall for CS, so it may become more clear to me.

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