I'm just learning how to invest and I figure that it can't hurt to learn a bit how the stock market works, even if I don't have real cash to invest.. YET. Anyone else interested? :)

There's a great place that I was introduced to that the community is super friendly and will actually answer your questions. The site is based in php and is really fast when you compare the scripts to that of other stock market simulator games. They also don't give you a million dollars to start out with which is so much more realistic.

Never hurts to learn something new! Just thought I'd pass along a good link.

Anywho, http://www.einvesting.com is the place to be. :lol:

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buy low, sell high, don't trust "investment experts" to give you useful advise (they know little more than you do).
Working the stock market is 90% gut feelings, 10% keeping up with business information relating to the companies you're interested in.

You could also try www.fool.com - you can go through their articles w/o having to subscribe. If you are new to investing, invest in a Mutual Fund that tracks an index (they are called index funds). Watch the fees, index funds should be no-load, with fees below .5%

Pay close attention to fees - if you are buying a stock, the fee for the purchase should be less than 2% of the cost of the purchase (ie. if the commission is $10, you should buy at least $500 of the stock)

If you want to combine mutual funds with buying individual shares, try sharebuilder.com - http://www.sharebuilder.com/AB/0206/V2/Index.asp this is a really good place to start.

Another thought is a process called DRiPing - dividend re-investment. You buy one share of a company that offers dividends and allows drips (morningstar.com can help here). A statement arrives that tells you the purchase price of the share you just bought and has a coupon that you send in with your next purchase. Generally there is not fee for this but sometimes there is a minimum purchase but you can get away with $10-50 each time. If you send in the minimum each time a coupon arrives, you will suddenly have a shit load of shares. I usually stop dripping when I get to 100 shares or enough shares the the dividend total buys a whole share.

Sorry, I did not mean to go into such detail. Good drip companies are KO (coke) and MMM (3 M) but I am not a in any way advising you to buy these stocks and accept no liability if you do.

I will answer any questions you have and/or point you in the right direction.

hi..this is coolit..im interested to learn how the stock market works..coz i want to make money in shares...can u plz giude me with some good info n sites..thnx

learning how to invest is really a good idea,but it is also very risky.

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