My teacher suggested that I shouold learn ruby. I downloaded the software(but not the latest version). I dont know how to get it to work on my computer. I am running windows xp. If anyone can help me do this it would be great. I would also like to know the basics of ruby, if you know any online tutorials(good ones) that would be great.

Just to let you know that I have been smitten by Ruby thanks to your ruby snippets. I downloaded the whole shmaltz including FxRuby from:

I let you know how it works out. I like the syntax and am familiar with it from my Python days.

Got FXRuby to go.
I installed a slightly older version
since I hadn't read up on the .gem file install. Your snippets work well and I found a load of FX code samples sort of hidden. On my machine under
This included my old time favorite, the boucing ball.

Yeah that is what I had to do. The newer versions for everything don't seem to want to work for me.

Also I am glad to see someone finally post to my thread (even though I figured things out on my own from the scattered resources on the net).

I will have to look for those code samples on my computer, I know there was some samples but I didn't take a look at them.

Ruby and Python are neat and easy to learn, a good replacement for the old interpreted basic language like Mbasic or Qbasic. If you want to go on with life, learn Csharp!

Actually i am learning c sharp, so far from what I have seen it looks pretty good

I found that Python is pretty easy to understand and learn, with lots of free turitorials, information and programming groups that help with problems if they arise.All can be found

Yeah i looked at some of the python code in the code snippet section it looks similar to Ruby

I know Ruby and I bought a book that helped A LOT. It's called "Programming Ruby" and it is published by The Pragmatic Programmers, a well known programming body, famous for their great books. It explains EVERYTHING you will need to know, as well as around 900 methods in the basic library, and a list of libraries you can add-on to your programs. I strongly recommend it. You can buy it at:

However, this book is based on Ruby 1.8, and if you have an earlier version you should probably buy the 1st edition of this book.

This book is often called "PickAxe" in the Ruby community, because of the picture on the front cover; so if you are doing research, you should probably keep this in a mind as a search term.