Just curious as to how to report spam here or if it should be reported at all. I received an email from babyl which reads:

My name is amaram I am tall ,good looking, perfect body figure and sexy.I saw your profile and was delighted to contact you, I hope you will be the true loving, honest and caring person that I have been looking for, And I have something special to tell you about me, So please contact me directly through my email address at (amaram_abluv@yahoo.com) so that I can also send my picture directly to you.
A nevem amaram vagyok magas, jóképű, tökéletes test alakja és sexy.I láttam a profilodat, és örült, hogy Önnel a kapcsolatot, remélem, te leszel az igazi szerető, őszinte és gondoskodó ember, hogy én is kerestem, És én van valami különlegeset mondani rólam, ezért kérjük, keressen meg közvetlenül az én e-mail címét (amaram_abluv@yahoo.com~~V), hogy én is küldhetünk közvetlenül a képem neked.

I see stuff like this and I become immediately suspicious and honestly, I don't come onto forums like this to receive this kind of junk. Any ideas?

I received the same PM as did Mike_2000_17. It's being looked into.

got the same one. that one must really dig IT-guys :)

At the moment, the best way to report these kind of PM scams is to PM myself, deceptikon or ~s.o.s~ with a copy of the message recieved and a link to the member profile of the person sending it. We can then investigate and take the appropriate action, which is usually a ban in the case of these PM contact scam merchants.

member babyl is now banned after sending numerous scam PMs

Next time it happens happygeek I will do exactly as you say. Thanks for taking the appropriate actions.

Thanks for the info...I had been bothering Dani with similar spam messages.

me too joined 2 days back .... and get welcomed by two such messages

Sorry for the bad first impression.

@kovidd: I have received your PM which brings this scammer to light. Unfortunately, you didn't include the member profile link or member name for me to take appropriate action. If possible, please include the same in your report PM's so that we can take prompt action. :)

Sorry for the bad first impression.

You can control programs but you can't control people and what they do with their time. Some people troll the interwebs doing stuff like what we have seen from these recent PMs. I've seen it way worse on other forums out there. You all do it up right here and I personally like this site over many, even if I don't post here as often as other sites.

Same person back again as 'babyluv2' doing the same PM scam thing. That account also now banned, but apologies if any of you got the message before I could ban the person.

Can't you ban IP adresses instead of just accounts?

We can, but we only do so in exceptional circumstances such as when we came under a prolonged spam attack last year and even then it was a measure of last resort. The trouble with banning by IP is that it's all too easy to then block perfectly genuine members and potential members as well as the perp. Which is what happened during that prolonged spam attack last year and into this, despite our best efforts to check IPs before implementing any ban.

The other point being that many of these scammers and spammers use proxy services and the IPs change from account to account. The safest option is to ban by account as soon as a perp is spotted, and eventually they get fed up and go somewhere which doesn't have the dedicated and efficient moderating team and a community that cares about the system such as ours.

U are all angry with this girl, so i can be the good guy. tx

Actually this girl is symphatic to me. She is just having fun and i'm playing the game. She is young, it's her time to be the one who really ejoys the life.

@ivan.vodisek, you emailed her? You weren't bombarded with malware or any other malicious software for your efforts?

@Stuugie: These kinds of scammers don't bombard you with malware. They smooth-talk you for a while and then ask for money with a pretext like buying a plane ticket to come and meet you or something like that.

Another two of "her" accounts now banned...

@Stuugie: These kinds of scammers don't bombard you with malware. They smooth-talk you for a while and then ask for money with a pretext like buying a plane ticket to come and meet you or something like that.

I see, that makes sense I guess. It amazes me that people would go for something like that. I guess if companionship is an issue for people that might sound appealing. I personally already have a wife and as far as I’m concerned, one woman is enough to handle! ;)

As Davey pointed out, we don't do IP bans because typically spammers are using a proxy server and all that happens is that we end up banning legitimate users, and the spammers are unaffected.

You are absolutely right about that now that I think about it. On another forum, I have an associate that stirred up a hornets nest at that forum and they banned her IP address. She was then called by a few of her colleagues that complained they could no longer get onto that particular forum anymore. She works for a company of over 5000 employees and many of them use Excel and have asked questions on this particular Excel forum. They un-banned her IP because of it but still, that confirms to me that you can't ban IPs. Good moderators and admin can take care of spammers and whatnot so good on you all that get the job done.

I got similar message from queenjobe

queenjobe been dealt with.

Going on naming patterns and activity from the real time feed queenbaby will be the next to be removed or to watch.

Exactly, sad but true.

DRAT! I should have posted a profile picture :-)

Please note, when reporting a PM scammer to me or the other admins, can you include a link to the member profile of the person sending the scam PM as well as quoting the message itself. This makes it quick and easy to get them banned...

@happygeek, apologies I only read this thread after sending you the PM :)

i also received the same and someone even contacted my ymail account and told me that he/she got my mail id from daniweb