I am creating a website although during a trial run with a couple of friends they uncovered a bit of a major issue.... the ability to spam.
I have added a hidden box e.t.c. to attempt to prevent bots from spamming but my friends where able to post twenty messages in about one minute which obviously isn't good.

I am not entirely sure where this would go as it is a general sort of thread to do with Web Design so I placed it here.

Does anyone have any ideas on how I can either restrict the number of posts someone can send per minute (all forums require a login but the 'Contact Form' doesn't) or any other method I could use?


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1)You can use captcha to stop bots from posting data into your thread.....
2)Use session for session if user is registered and once user post it,just set a session value to "some value" and before posting check the value of this session variable.

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You could also do this :
1) make a captcha, like allready said.
2) make a ekstra "Submit" button... which i guess many "Spambots" jump to.
3) duplicate your form code.

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