Just joined up here learning about Android programming. I've been programming since 1980 (COBOL, Fortran IV, and some Apple II BASIC!) and try to keep up with the tech curves, though it ain't easy.
These days I'm programming in PHP, perl, and Java. I also do raytracing with POV-Ray and goof around with some music software as well.
Six months ago I completed a Mobile Web subsite for the company I work for. They chose to sit on it for six months until they realized the competition had an iPhone app, and then guess what they wanted, and RIGHT MEOW?
It's things like that that make me glad there's 13 pinball machines at our house for after-work stress relief sessions.
So, back to figuring out how to switch screens (Intents) in Android...

Hope I can help some of you guys out with some of your problems! I'm not the best programmer out there, but I have been doing it for an awfully long time.

Hello and Welcome!

With 32 years experience... i think you could be one of the best (aside from a few like Dani, JorgeM, and a few others):)