Well hello there. I just stumbled on to this page a few minutes ago and thought it would be polite to write a few lines.

My name is Martina.. i am 24 (well i became 24 about 4 hours ago), i come from europe and i do stand-up comedy and i translate.

My hobbies? Writing and having fun.. tho the having fun part is almost like a full time job :)

From what i have seen this forum is great.. good work everyone and i shall see you on the forums.


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well ty ty for the birthday wishes.. much appreciated.. and i shall write more about myself but at a later time as i just came home from a bday party about 24 hours long and i dont think i can focus right now lol .. but hey thanx for your replies :)


yes it is.. i just thought its freaking adorable.. watched the movie on a plane.. somewhere.. i was on my way to canada i think... and loved the cute pussy there right away lol


That movie was indeed funny. Great, just like the first. I to saw it while going on vacation ;).

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